Among happy couples, good sex is seen as only one element of a good marriage

Seasons of the sex life

The nature of a couple’s sex life changes over time; it goes through “seasons” like the seasons of the year-spring, summer, fall, and winter.

When two people fall in love and engage in a sexual relationship, they begin to include their partners in their concepts of themselves. People feel like they acquire new capabilities because they have the support of close partners. “I might not be able to handle parenthood by myself, but with the help of my partner’s good parenting skills, I’ll be a good parent.” This overlap of the concepts of self and partner has been called “self-expansion.”

Challenges to sexual satisfaction

An unsatisfying sex life, however, is most often the number one complaint in an unhappy marriage. For this reason, it is incumbent upon couples to work on their sex lives to make sex an asset to marital harmony and not a source of marital discord.

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